Frequently asked questions

Q. I already have a company that does my inspections, but I’m not happy with them, what can I do?

A. If you are not getting the service you believe you deserve, speak with your service provider about the situation, if you don’t get the improvement you seek, then consider your options for a better service.

Q. Do I have to get a company to inspect, test and service my property, my cousin is a handyman, he checks to see that everything is working ok, and he does it often as a favor. Why should I pay?

A. The New York City Department Of Buildings and New York City Fire Department require all sprinkler systems be in compliance with the fire prevention code. Licensed professionals or the Fire Department, are the only authorized personnel to inspect or service your fire sprinkler system.

Q. How can I find out about using EXPERT FIRE SPRINKLER for my property?

A. You may contact us to arrange a Walk-Thru of your property with one of our experts. Upon completion, you may learn essential information, and be provided with an estimate, Proposal, or an agreement to service or inspect your property.

Q. I don’t really think I have the required signs for my property, how can I Know for sure?

A. You may contact EXPERT FIRE SPRINKLER to arrange a signage walk, we will walk your entire property and inform you of our findings. Our walks have often helped to reduce potential violations.

Q. Someone mentioned EXPERT FIRE SPRINKLER, how do we know you are the right company for us?

A. Many larger companies, because of their emphasis on being a giant with quantity, FAIL when it comes to quality. Surely quality is what you want for your property isn’t it?