Fire Sprinkler System Inspections

We Understand New York Fire Department Regulations

According to New York Fire Department regulations, it is mandatory for all commercial and residential fire sprinkler systems to be inspected on a monthly basis. After all inspections, if there are any defects the owner is notified immediately. All fire sprinkler systems are required by the New York City Fire Department to be in compliance with fire prevention codes. All Fire Suppression systems are inspected periodically by New York City Fire Department personnel to ensure that such systems meet all requirements. If any faults or deficiencies are found, the owner is served a violation. Violations must be corrected within a specified time, usually 30 (thirty) days. Failure to comply with The New York City Fire Department or Department of Buildings, may result in a violation, additional violations and/or fines. If you have not had an inspection of your sprinkler system or have received a violation, Expert Fire Sprinkler will work with you to meet the required compliance standards. With our service, you can get back in good standing and avoid any further fines or negative judgements. Over the years we have assisted multiple building owners in avoiding violations by correcting defects found in their systems. We also address issues that building owners/managers might miss. Expert Fire Sprinkler technicians will repair defects found, many before leaving your premises, and at a minimal cost to you.

A common fire safety violation is the presence of painted sprinkler heads and missing signs. We can help you spot and quickly take care of potential costly and problem causing issues like these and much more. It starts with a call to contact us.