Fire Sprinkler System Installations


Expert Fire Sprinkler possesses everything required to handle your project.

With over 35 years experience and industry expertise, we have installed standpipe and fire suppression sprinkler systems in a diverse range of buildings.

Expert Fire Sprinkler installs standpipe and complete fire suppression sprinkler systems. We install systems for new building construction and building upgrades or renovation. We will work closely with your project management team to ensure that each fire suppression sprinkler system is designed and engineered precisely to the regulation requirements of your building type.


Engineering on the cutting edge


With visually stunning, ultra modern building designs, the fire suppression piping contractor you select to install your system must possess the expertise and versatility to meet exacting design specifications. Not only must they meet the design requirements, but their work must be compliant with The City Of New York Department Of Buildings, The Fire Department Of New York and other mandated regulations.