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About Expert Fire Sprinkler

When it comes to protecting your residential or commercial buildings, you can never be over-prepared. We receive dozens of inquiries each month about the efficiency and effectiveness of fire suppression systems.

We don't want you to have to worry about your fire protection systems. Leave that up to Expert Fire Sprinkler. This way you will have time to devote to other things. Expert Fire Sprinkler has a goal to provide our customers with the highest level of services possible. We are a 24 Hour Emergency Service Company. We do it all! FDNY Violation Removal, FDNY Testing, Sprinkler, Standpipe - Residential, Repairs, Alternations, Installations, Inspection, Testing, and Maintenance. We even do Backflow Testing, Fire Pumps, Fire Alarm Systems, Central Stations, Fire Extinguishers. As per FDNY and Jurisdictions having authority Suffolk/Nassau/NYC 5 Boroughs.

At Expert Fire Sprinkler, we take great pride in providing superior products and quality customer service. Our mission is to provide your residential or commercial building with the peace of mind and security you deserve. If you are ready to take the next step, contact us for a free quote! You have nothing to lose and our team is happy to answer any questions regarding protecting your property from fire.

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