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Did You Know? All About Fire Sprinklers

• Safer fire service: The risk to firefighters is much less. Sprinklers reduce the heat, flame and smoke from a fire.

• Fast response: Fire sprinklers are more sensitive to heat. This means the fire will be detected much sooner.

• Can blend with your decor: You can buy fire sprinklers in different colors. Some can be installed flush with the ceiling, so you will hardly notice they are there.

• Reliable: Fire sprinklers only spray when the temperature in the room rises quickly. The sprinkler above the fire is the only one that sprays.

• Investment protection: Sprinklers can prevent devastating damage by putting out flames quickly. Sprinklers can limit the damage caused by smoke and fire. They are less damaging than water damage caused by firefighting hose lines.

• Easy installation: Installing a sprinkler system requires piping and labor and greatly increases the safety of customers and employees.

• Low water requirement: Fire sprinklers can be connected directly to the water supply.

• Low cost: A sprinkler costs about $1.35 per square foot. This cost is about the same as upgraded cabinets or carpet.

• Lower insurance: Installing a sprinkler system has the potential to lower insurance rates by 5-15 percent by meeting code requirements.

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