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Do you Know why 5-Year Inspections are so Important?

Fire sprinkler system care and maintenance is a critical element to ensure your system is running properly without any blockages or issues.

What is a 5-Year Pipe and Obstruction Inspection? This inspection is an NFPA required inspection that examines the inner workings or your fire sprinkler system. The required inspection must be performed at least every 5 years. By taking the time to ensure your system is not clogged or damaged, and to make sure your fire sprinklers should function as needed in the event of an emergency. The inspection will be able to locate obstruction issues or developing problems within your piping that can consist of : - MIC (microbiologically influenced corrosion) - Other foreign organic and inorganic materials - Rust - Slime

- Other The inspection of your fire sprinkler system focuses on four key areas: - Branch Line - Cross Main - Riser - System Value

Why is it Important? The most important reason is because you will want to ensure your system is free from foreign materials within the piping. Over a period of time, build-up can occur surprisingly quickly, even in newer systems. Blockages such as sludge can easily diminish or prevent critical water flow needed to help preserve life and property. Perform the internal pipe exam to help ensure that your property, employees, and customers are safe.

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