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Increase in Home Fires Around the Holidays Reminds Us of the Importance of Safe Holiday Practices an

Home fronts full of lights and cozying up on the couch are romantic images for the holidays, but it’s important to remind our communities of the dangers we see around this time. We know that fires caused by cooking and decorations increase during the latter half of the year, and as a holiday heads-up, we focus on a different topic related to fire safety, providing resources and reminders to keep your community safe.

From heaters to holiday decorations, electrical and lighting equipment that we may take for granted presents a larger risk during this festive season. Each year, electrical and lighting equipment is one of the top causes for home fires and is involved in almost half (45 percent) of Christmas tree fires.

In the event of an emergency, vital fire protection technology like smoke alarms and home fire sprinklers can help protect residents and first responders if a fire does break out. Research shows that home fires where home fire sprinklers were present had an 85 percent lower casualty rate than home fires without an automatic extinguishing system.

In addition to their invaluable safety benefits, sprinklers can also open the door to insurance and economic perks. A fire can become deadly in two minutes. Home fire sprinklers begin suppressing the flames as soon as the temperature activates them, giving occupants more time to escape and making the scene safer for firefighters once they arrive. To find out more about the advantages of home fire sprinklers and how to get them in your community, visit our website to learn more.

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